Truancy Policy

Manistee ISD Truancy Plan 

  • Schools will operate within their district’s rules for excused/unexcused absences and parent notification.  School administrators will use their discretion to determine when to pull the “trigger” on a truancy referral.
  • At 10 Unexcused absences, school districts will meet with the parents of the truant student and create a plan to improve the student’s attendance.
  • If improved attendance does not occur, the school will send the following items to the Manistee ISD Superintendent:  Powerschool Demographic information, Attendance Report, Current Grades, and information from the school’s meeting with the parents (i.e. date of meeting, plan created, etc…).
  • The MISD supt. will forward this information to the School Liaison Officer who will then contact the family and determine why the attendance issues are occurring.
  • If attendance still doesn’t improve, the School Liaison Officer will submit the necessary paperwork to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


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