Truancy Plan

Manistee ISD Truancy Plan


  • Schools will operate within their district’s rules for excused/unexcused absences and parent notification.  School administration will use their discretion to determine when a truancy referral is filed.
  • At 5 Unexcused absences districts will make phone contacts home. Districts will ensure that written documentation (including date and time) of these calls are in place.
  • At 10 Unexcused absences, school districts will meet with the parents of the truant student and create a plan to improve the student’s attendance. Districts will ensure that written documentation (including date and time) of these meetings and plan are in place. If parents are not able to be reached to set up a meeting a Certified Letter will be sent.
  • If improved attendance does not occur, the school will send the following items, in a timely fashion,  to the Manistee ISD Superintendent:  Powerschool Demographic information, Attendance Report, Current Grades, and information from the school’s meeting with the parents (i.e. date of meeting, time of meeting, plan created, etc…). All documentation submitted must have the date and time listed. Documentation should be significant enough to warrant forwarding on to School Liaison Officer.
  • The MISD Supt. will forward this information to the School Liaison Officer who will then contact the family and determine why the attendance issues are occurring. The School Liaison Officer will notify the District and copy the ISD Superintendent as to whether or not contact was made with the family and what if anything was discussed/shared during the contact. 
  • The local district will contact the School Liaison Officer once per week for 4 weeks with an update on students’ attendance.
  • If attendance still doesn’t improve, the School Liaison Officer will submit the necessary paperwork and all documentation received to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


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